Install AtroPIM on Ionos Managed Server


Make sure you know about the following topics related to Ionos Managed Servers/Webhosting.

Prepare Installation

Download atrocore/skeleton-pim files for composer as described in the docs

Missing ext-imagick Dependency

PHP ext-imagick extension is a requirement to install AtroPIM, but that's not available on Ionos Managed Server. To get around this limitation, add the following to the downloaded composer.json.

  "name": "atrocore/skeleton-pim",
  "description": "Skeleton for AtroPIM",
  "homepage": "",
  "minimum-stability": "stable",
  "require": {
      "atrocore/core": "*",
      "atrocore/pim": "*",
      "atrocore/dam": "*",
-     "atrocore/export-feeds": "*"
+     "atrocore/import-feeds": "*",
+     "calcinai/php-imagick": "dev-master"
+ },
+ "config": {
+   "platform":{
+     "ext-imagick": "3.4.4"
+   }
+ },
  "repositories": [
          "type": "composer",
          "url": ""

The config.platform part fakes the existence of ext-imagick. In order to use ext-imagick methods (which AtroDAM is relying on), require calcinai/php-imagick, a PHP wrapper for command line ImageMagick utils compatible with PECL::Imagick.1


Install AtroPIM with composer as described

php composer.phar update

You can't change file ownership on the managed server, so you can skip Step 3.

Setup the cronjob via CLI and create the database with Ionos webinterface (MySQL 5.7).

Start the installation Wizard.

If everything went smoothly (and I can't guarantee that) you should be able to use AtroPIM.

Fix Module Manager and Cronjobs

AtroPIM doesn't work properly if their Scheduled Jobs are not executed. By default AtroPIM expects the PHP binary, used to execute scripts on the commandline, to be either php or usr/bin/php (whatever the script detects).

On Ionos Managed Server, there is a PHP 4 binary under this path2, so everything will fail. But you can call all available PHP versions by adding the desired version, like this: usr/bin/php7.4-cli.

In order to use that in AtroPIM open /data/config.php and add the phpBinPath key.

return [
    'phpBinPath' => 'php7.4-cli',

To be sure the cronjob is set up correctly, check the Module Manager if there is still an error message that says the Daemon is not running.

  1. As of 2021-06-10 the most important methods that AtroDAM is using are only available in the master branch, therefore use "dev-master" as version. 

  2. Just run php -v to verify