• Working on a webapp learing all kind of new stuff, like Google Firebase Auth, Vue.js, Queues
  • Moving a project to work on with other devs. Not sure how this will work out.
  • Bought a new car. A used Citroën C3. It's smaller, it cost less and doesn't use as much fuel. I don't need to show off a big car.
    I like Citroën as a car maker.
  • Spend vacation time with the love of my life, exploring cave chapels and castles on giant rocks Northern Bohemia, which was fascinating. I love Czechia.
  • Bought a used Panasonic Lumix FZ200 camera, to document all those wonderful places I hope to visit in the future.
  • I'm riding the bike almost every day.
  • Politics start to make me sick. I won't retreat from it, but try to contribute instead of getting angry. I helped the Green Party with some print stuff.
  • The Indieweb reappeared in my focus. There must be an alternative to social media. I fear it's not the Indieweb, but I like their approach.
  • Music wise I discovered musicologist Pat Conte who sounds as old-timey as it can get today. I love this music so much.

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