Tools for Podcast Consumers

I love podcasts as much as everybody else right now. I love radio, but because of the radios linear nature, I'm to missing a lot great content.

Here I want to present a handful of essential nerd tools to master 5000 podcast subscriptions:


I'm using Pocket Casts because it syncs perfectly between the essential web player and the app on my phone. I paid once for each app and that's it. No subscription for premium features.

In general I listen to most podcasts (English and German) at 1,5x speed.


To turn a Youtube Channel into a video podcast feed (Pocket Casts is playing that fine) I use Podsync. It doesn't work with every Channel, but most.

One of the best tools to create a podcast feed from audio scattered around the web, is Huffduffer. Everytime a find a piece of audio on, on random webpages or even youtube, I add a link to huffduffer and there it gets pushed in a personal podcast feed that I can subscribe to. Huffduffer extracts audio from youtube videos and therefore it is perfect for any audio centered content.

if there is a podcast feed with episodes that you want to filter by keywords, then SiftRSS is a tool to check out.

Also the content of all German public tv "mediathek" is available as podcast feed via MediathekViewWeb. Subscribe to topic, searches, channels.


Here is a list of podcasts I love to listen to.


  • 🇺🇸 Comedian and comedywriter David Feldman produces a bi-weekly up to 4 hours long podcast filled with self-depreciating humor and American politics. I learn so much as he learns from his various guest. it's a bit special and I guess not for everyone - but it's one of the few podcasts I eagerly await. Subscribe:
  • Herrengedeck 🇩🇪 - der witzigste Podcast Europas. Wenn ich wissen will was auf Instagram los ist geh ich hier hin:
  • Hier könnte Fest&Flauschig 🇩🇪 mit Olli Schulz und Jan Böhmermann stehen, aber da sie bei Spotify sind und Spotify keinen RSS Feed anbietet, ist das auch nicht Podcast zu nennen.
  • Reply All 🇺🇸 - stories out of the depths of the internet/media world



  • Podcast 🇺🇸 - the content is really good if you want to know about latest frontend technologies and working as a freelancer. I really don't like their voices. I always imagine two gnomes behind the mic.
  • Working Draft 🇩🇪 - sehr guter Entwickler Podcast in deutsch. REST, GraphQL, React, Javascript und viel mehr.