More RAM and a SSD

Over the last two years my three years old laptop got so slow, it was a drag. The browser eating all ram and the system was constantly swapping to the HD. Reboots took ages, it was not fun anymore.

The prospect of buying a new computer, spending hours on reading spec sheets and learn which processor is better or worse was a real bummer, not to speak of days configuring and readjusting a new system, even if it would be nice to have tabula rasa.

Instead I added another 8 GB RAM and maxed out the 16 GB and that already made a huge difference.

And of course I heard tales about another mystical abbreviation: SSD aka Solid State Drives. I only heard about them years ago, when 128 GB cost twice as much as what 1 TB now costs and that you can save only so much on them.

Fast forward to today, 1 TB SSD was at 120 EUR plus a special USB cord for 10 EUR and after watching a youtube video I thought I would give it a try.

I'm still stuck in the ages where mirroring a harddrive took hours and hours and came with all sorts of driver issues. I was asleep. The whole exerience was plug and play. 700 GB of data was transferred in 2,5 hours via USB3 and replacing the drive and boot the computer went through without any problems. Not messing with settings in BIOS, nothing.

My computer boots really fast now, I kept all my settings (only the hosts file was missing, which was weird) and it's been fun again.

Thanks extra RAM and SSD!