Sane Facebook Usage

There is a lot of talk about facebook and their fake ads and how miserable social media can make our lives and yaddayadda.

Here is what I recommend:

🗑️Delete your Facebook! 🙄 🤡 Just joking.


✂️ 💩 Until facebook becomes the next myspace, cut all the crap out! Filter sponsored posts, politics and everything that gives you an anxiety attack.

🤔 How?

  • Delete the native facebook (and messenger app) and get an alternative one.
  • Install a browser extension that allows you to customize your feed.

📱 Mobile

The original facebook and messenger apps are slick and packed to the brim with memory- and battery-draining features, not to talk about the tracking stuff going on in the background.

Use Friendly ( instead, an alternative app (iOS, Android) that combines facebook!, messenger!!, twitter!!! and instagram!1!!!. There's a free version to test, but it's worth the few cash monies to enable the additional features like adblocker.

👍 Pros:

  • perfect for just browsing your feeds and interact (like, comment etc.)
  • be logged in with several social media accounts (if you have a second fb account for work, trolling or whatever)
  • lightweight and gives you control about your feeds (filter by keywords)
  • Saves your battery life and data
  • Built-in adblocker
  • Clear the cache if you run out of storage space (instead of deleting the app)

👎 Cons:

  • not as smooth as the native apps, but ok, since it's using the mobile website version of the service
  • no freaking photo filters if you need that
  • no stories that nobody uses anyway
  • posting is sometimes a bit clunky (especially photo posts)

💻 Desktop

Install Social Fixer in your browser (available for all major browser like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari)

It's almost a suite to customize the whole facebook experience, I just cite them:

Filter Your News Feed, Hide Sponsored Stories, Remove Politics. Customize and Enhance Facebook!

If you use facebook mainly on your desktop, sit down for a bit and get familiar with all the options to tailor your news feed. It's a bit complex, but it's worth to do.

🛀 Am I creating a literal Filter Bubble?


If you don't want to change your social media behavior (constantly checking your profile 🚽 and get a stroke every time you come across some hair-raising or dumb posts) then you need to filter out that stuff as much as possible.


  • Read the news 📰 from a dedicated news source that you trust.

  • Get familiar with RSS and curate your own Newsfeed that is free from distraction like disgusting comments. (Here is an quick introduction: )

  • Take control over the media you consume.

➕ And one more:

Consider to pay for quality content and content creators or learn how to sneak around paywalls and support creators in other ways:

  • Buy their merch
  • Spread the word (like sharing political articles that you are now able to filter out yourself 🤓).

Also, share your knowledge with friends. Ask if you have any questions.

PS: If you value privacy, consider Firefox as browser! It's not as sluggish anymore.